Dental and Medical Office Renovation and Construction

Medical Office RenovationWhile there is no substitute for the role knowledgeable and experienced staff play in creating a successful dental or medical office, the space in which they practice should reflect their level of professionalism. Most patients experience some form of anxiety surrounding medical and dental procedures, so it’s imperative that your office is warm and inviting, and these medical office renovation ideas can help to achieve that goal.

Your reception area is the first thing your patients see when they enter your office or building, and it sets the tone for the rest of their visit. It’s important to discuss design ideas that can make your entrance and reception homier and more relaxing when you’re planning your renovations with your contractor because the rest of your office will need to be more functional. These are just a few examples of interior design features that will make your patients feel comfortable and at ease:

  • Earth tones
  • Live edge wood counters
  • A gas or electric fireplace
  • A wall-mounted Television
  • Wood panelling
  • Stone Tiles
  • Comfortable seating

While functionality should always be the primary concern when you’re designing the individual offices in your practice, these renovation ideas can improve the atmosphere without diminishing professionalism. The design elements used in your entrance and reception areas should continue throughout your office to maintain the relaxation your patients feel at the reception, but they’ll need to meet your sanitation and functional needs as well. Avoid using carpet in your offices and operatories, and if you are using a stone tile, ensure that it is sealed so it can be easily cleaned and sanitized. It’s also a good idea to plan the layout of your workspaces and stations before construction begins so that you have all the necessary gas, water, and electrical hookups in the right locations.

Staff Rooms
Medical offices are set to a higher professional standard than many of today’s modern offices, but they should still make your staff feel welcome and valued, and these renovation ideas can help. If you design your lunchroom and staff common areas to feel like a home, it will help your employees feel more relaxed and reduce their day-to-day stress. Having a fully functional kitchen gives your staff the freedom to move beyond bagged lunches, and private lockers and cubbies ensure they’ll feel welcome because it gives them a place to store all of their personal items.

The possibilities are endless when you’re designing your medical or dental office space, but experienced contractors like those who make up our full-service team at HI-Performance Construction have the knowledge to help you narrow down which features you’ll need.

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