Top Design Trends for Commercial Spaces

Commercial Design TrendsYour commercial space represents who you are as a business, but it also dictates the quality of work you’ll get from your employees. We’ve come a long way from bleak cubicles, builders white, and fluorescent lighting. Today’s commercial spaces are all about performance, social interaction, and being environmentally conscious. We’ve highlighted a few commercial design trends that can help building owners and business owners get the most out of their workspace, and the team at HI-Performance Construction can help you every step of the way. Optimize Your Space One of the most popular commercial design trends is the open-concept office because it allows business owners to get the most out of their space, and it encourages collaboration. That being said, it’s imperative to make open concept commercial spaces functional as well. Open-concept designs are great because they give your employees greater access to each other, and it’s much better for their mental health than being stuck in a small grey cubicle. To have an open-concept space that is functional and practical, it’s important to consider employees’ unique needs. Adding individual concentration stations and personalized workstations into your design is a great way for your staff to enjoy the benefits of open concept design and still have functional workspaces where they can buckle down and focus. Create an Identity Another commercial trend that is becoming common practice is designing your office space to represent your brand’s identity. It’s a great way to get your employees in the right mindset the second they walk in the door, but it’s also an effective way to represent your values to clients when they visit. Portraying your brand’s identity through modern and creative interior design will spark creativity in your employees and make them feel more comfortable to express themselves and their ideas. Our designers can work with you to turn your brand’s ambitions and tone into an elegantly designed and functional workspace. Be Environmentally Conscious It’s no longer a badge of honour to have an environmentally conscious workplace, it’s become an expectation. Commercial design trends have advanced beyond just building using green technologies and materials, it’s important to create a space that encourages your staff to live green as well. Your workspace should be functional and comfortable, so simple things like incorporating lots of natural light into your design will encourage your employees not to turn on lights. It’s imperative to be environmentally conscious in today’s business world, and your commercial space should reflect that because it represents you as a brand.

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