How to Create the Perfect Commercial Space Floor Plan

A commercial space floor plan should be designed to scale, detailing the relationship between rooms, spaces, furniture, and other physical features in aerial view.

For any commercial property, having a functional floor plan is critical. A practical floor plan increases the building’s efficiency through a seamless flow between spaces. If you’re looking to create a floor plan that best fits your business operations, here are some simple tips to assist in designing the best floor plan for your commercial property.

Consider designing a multipurpose space

When planning a floor plan for your commercial space, consider having multipurpose rooms for the commercial spaces to work. It is essential to understand the type of space to work with and the areas needed for the business. Eliminating the need for having separate spaces helps you cut down the wasted floor space in the commercial building. A space with multiple functionalities will save the spaces needed for future expansion, like building bathrooms or offices.

Get rid of redundant spaces

Another way to create a perfect floor plan is only to create spaces you may want to work with, and necessary sections needed. You can achieve this by removing spaces that seem to serve similar purposes. For example, you can move all the offices together to create spaces for more products and services if you see no need to have different office departments.

Consider consolidation

It is recommended to consolidate areas whenever you can when creating a perfect floor plan like areas that require plumbing like kitchens, bathrooms, or toilets to be built close to each other to prevent having plumbing cores at multiple parts of the building. Few plumbing cores will reduce the cost of designing your commercial spaces.

Reducing Storage Areas

Any commercial business may need storage to store their products for backup. However, this doesn’t mean that you have multiple storage spaces, but you should opt to consolidate the redundant spaces into one storage space. This will create more space for other components of your business that may be needed. In addition, to avoid an overflow of products in the storage space, only order when you are low on stock.

Consider the flow of your business

Creating a perfect and efficient floor plan allows the business traffic to flow smoothly and seamlessly. You should trace how the movement of people and products should be in the facility. There should be adequate flow throughout your commercial building before committing the engineers to bring the plan into reality following the building process steps.

Implement your perfect floor plan

After you are pleased with your floor plan design, we are here to bring it to fruition. With the help of HI-Performance Construction, we help you solve complex problems that you may know and those you may not see coming. Our team of knowledgeable architects, designers, and skilled personnel will help you implement the perfect floor plan for your commercial spaces.

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