Our Projects

Project: Kid to kid 

Location: Burlington, ON

Sector: Retail

Process: Construction 

Project Detail: Children’s clothing store buildout

Kid to kid is a children’s resale franchise that was started in the US in 1992.  The concept has expanded globally and found its position in Canada. The HI-Performance Construction team transformed an empty commercial space into a franchise retail gem.  Working closely with the Franchise owner, details of the interiors from shelving, flooring, lighting, paint colours and more has brought this space to life.

Careful planning of product durability, lighting effectiveness and traffic flow within the store were all accounted for in the construction process.

HI-Performance Construction has been building franchises across Canada since 2008. Understanding a product, service and brand is what we do with confidence.

Project: Aaron’s Furniture

Location: Hamilton, ON 

Sector: Retail, Commercial

Process: Permits, Construction

Project Detail: Aaron’s Furniture Buildout

Creating A Multi-Purpose Space

During our project with Aaron’s Furniture, our team renovated a 4,000 square foot restaurant into a furniture store complete with a franchise-specific showroom, offices, a service desk, loading docks, a washroom, and storage space. Converting a space with a specific function into something completely different (like converting a restaurant into a furniture store) takes expert design, construction, and craftsmanship, all of which our full-service team demonstrates consistently and frequently.  

Brand Recognition And Design 

When building a space for a franchise, it’s necessary that contractors follow specific guidelines for brand recognition. For Aaron’s Furniture, our team of experts worked personally with the franchisee and franchisors on dozens of build outs across Canada. We were able to work closely with the model and replicate it professionally and consistently for their Hamilton location as well as other locations across the country from Toronto to British Columbia. Our team has partnered with Aaron’s Furniture to help them build out seventeen different branches that all hold their original design, brand recognition, and style.

Project: CTDI Warehouse

Location: Brampton, ON

Sector: Industrial Warehouse

Process: Permits, Construction

Project Detail: Interior Warehouse Relocation

An Expansive Relocation Done Right

Our expert team was pleased to facilitate a warehouse relocation for CTDI, moving their equipment and operations to a 100,000 square foot warehouse in Brampton. Our team was able to efficiently reconfigure the new warehouse with all of the amenities they needed. This included heavy machinery stations, washrooms, change rooms, offices, as well as rooftop unit installation and electrical reconfiguration. 

Resolving Challenges For A Successful Build 

At HI-Performance Construction, we prioritize our clients’ visions. This means working closely with our clients every step of the way to ensure the finished product is exactly what they’d envisioned and expected. Our expert team worked closely with the leaders at CTDI to accommodate set up and engineering challenges while allowing for a smooth transition. We worked together for a successful build out and relocation. 

Project: Activa Pharmacy

Location: Kitchener, ON

Sector: Medical Commercial

Process: Permits, Construction

Project Detail: Interior Pharmacy Buildout

A Space With Every Detailed Fulfilled 

Our team worked carefully to renovate an old retail space into a functioning pharmacy with every amenity necessary for fulfilling the needs of its owner, customers, and community. Activa Pharmacy in Kitchener was given new life with new and beautiful features necessary for running a successful pharmacy including shelving, counters, cash desks, accessibility entrances, and washrooms. 

A Pharmacy That Represents Its Community

When planning this project, our experts wanted to work closely with the owner of Activa Pharmacy to ensure that the renovated location would be representative of the customers and the community, as well as accommodating to anyone who would need to access the space. Working alongside the owner and her specific vision, our team effectively did transform the space. 

Project: Cherryhill Road

Location: Oakville, ON

Sector: Residential

Process: Design, Drawings, Permits, Construction

Project Detail: Residential Luxury New Build

Demolition And Building From The Ground Up 

For this luxury residential project, our experts not only oversaw and facilitated the construction of the home, but also the demolition and leveling of the existing home on the property. Our team of qualified and expert designers and our team of skilled trades facilitated this project from the ground up, demolishing an older and non-functional home into a spacious, luxurious five-bedroom, five-bathroom house for any homeowner to take pride in.

A Luxury Home Fit For A Growing Family 

In the heart of Bronte, this custom built home, had finer finishing touches including a fully-finished basement, ten-foot ceilings and eight-foot doors, second-floor laundry, 7” hardwood floors, and a state-of-the-art security system including cameras and built-in speakers. The full service team at HI-Performance Construction worked together with the family to meet their specific wants and needs, building their dream home on budget and on time.


Project: Medical Clinic

Location: Toronto, ON

Sector: Commercial Medical

Process: Drawing, Permits, Construction

Project Detail: Interior Medical Clinic Buildout

Transforming A Toronto Restaurant Space Into A 32 Room Clinic

In a large, ever-growing city like Toronto, spaces–whether residential or commercial–are constantly being transformed to suit the needs of the community. When a Toronto medical clinic needed to make a proper space from what once was a restaurant, our experts were trusted to transform the space to best serve the needs of the residents of Toronto. Our team of experts worked alongside the physician owner to transform a large commercial-restaurant building into an efficient 32-room medical clinic open to the surrounding neighbourhood residents.

Carefully Renovated To Serve The Needs Of The Patients And The Community 

In order to open an operational and suitable medical clinic, several features must be considered from the initial design. This transformed clinic space included a reception area, a new heating system, a sprinkler system, and proper electrical for the needs of the clinic. As the clinic is open to the public, our experts were sure to make every area of the space fully accessible to those who are not able-bodied. This project was built with the community of the surrounding area in mind, and from initial consultation was expertly planned and executed.


Project: Aaron’s Furniture

Location: Niagara Falls, ON

Sector: Retail, Commercial

Process: Permits, Construction

Project Detail: Interior Retail buildout

HI-Performance Construction built out the first location with Aaron’s Furniture in 2009 and since then we have built out 21 stores across Canada.  We continue to work with them today.  We support them with full drawings, permits and construction.

Scope of work: complete set of architectural drawings, offices, showroom, washrooms, electrical, plumbing.

Project: Mold Masters

Location: Georgetown, ON

Sector: Office, Commercial

Process: Permits, Demolition, Construction

Project Detail: Interior Office Buildout

HI-Performance Construction completed renovations to offices, boardrooms and washrooms. We started working with Mold Masters in 2017 and continue to work closely with them at 2 locations (233 Armstrong Ave and 41 Todd Road).

Scope of work: demolition, framing walls, electrical service, plumbing, etc.

Project: GEOX Apparel / DHL

Location: Etobicoke, ON

Sector: Warehouse, Commercial

Process: Permits, Demolition, Construction

Project Detail: Interior Warehouse Buildout

We worked closely with GEOX and the team at DHL to build out warehousing space for GEOX.

Scope of work: demolition, electrical, 2 offices, safety guards/rails, painting.


Project: Matrix Logistics Services

Location: Mississauga, ON

Sector: Office, Commercial

Process: Permits, Security, Construction

Project Detail: Interior & Exterior Office Buildout

We continue to work closely with Matrix (Shopper’s Drug Mart) completing projects inside and outside the warehouse abiding by the security requirements for this secure location.

Scope of work: washroom renovations, office renovations, replacement of rooftop units, outside work.



Project: IKEA Warehouse / DHL

Location: Vaughan, ON

Sector: Warehouse, Commercial

Process: Permits, Demolition, Construction

Project Detail: Interior Warehouse Buildout

HI-Performance Construction was selected to construct and design the interior of IKEA’s fourth largest customer distribution centre in Canada, located in Vaughan. The new facility enables IKEA to have its products closer to its customers, while also providing increased capacity for future growth.

Working closely with the DHL & IKEA team, we converted the interior of the 700,000+ square-foot distribution centre.

Scope of work: renovation of the warehouse space, installation of heavy equipment charging stations (1200amp service), washrooms, a lunchroom, offices, boardrooms, an IT room, a security room, electrical, ventilation and plumbing.

HI-Performance Construction continues to work with DHL in 3 different locations: 9501 Hwy 50 Vaughan, 100 Disco Road, Etobicoke and 205 Speirs Giffen, Caledon



Project: Millipore Sigma

Location: Oakville, ON

Sector: Pharmaceutical, Commercial

Process: Permits, Construction

Project Detail: Interior Pharma Buildout

We work with Millipore Sigma an international company that hosts valuable pharmaceuticals.  We replaced approximately 50 of their specialized digitally controlled fridges and freezers in their warehouse space.  Extreme care was needed with this project as we worked with highly sensitive sensors to monitor the appliances.  Our work continues with them today. 

Scope of work: removal of existing units, installation of new electrical panels, electrical drops from ceiling, installation of additional sensors in fridges, set up alarms and monitoring in real time.

Project: North Star Montessori School

Location: Mississauga, ON

Sector: Pharmaceutical, Commercial

Process: Permits, Construction

Project Detail: Interior & Exterior Commercial Buildout

The HI-Performance Construction team worked closely with Rick, the owner of North Star Montessori to complete the addition of their aquatic centre.  We worked on the project from start to finish and worked closely with Rick every step of the way. 

Scope of work: excavation, foundation, electrical, plumbing, ventilation, structural work, managing each aspect of the project to finish the centre.

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