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Ask a Commercial Contractor: Do I Need an AODA Compliant Bathroom for My Business?

With new guidelines in place, our clients often ask us, do I need an AODA complant bathroom for my business? Here's...

Ask a Commercial Contractor: What You Need to Know About Commercial Building Permits in Toronto

When you're renovating, having a contractor that understands commercial building permits in Toronto helps. As a...

The Benefits of Having a One-Stop Contractor for Your Commercial Property

Before you undergo a renovation for your commercial property, consider the advantages of a one-stop contractor....

Key Considerations When Renovating Your Building to Satisfy AODA Regulations

Are you planning a reno and need to understand how to incorporate AODA regulations for your commercial building?

Renovating During a Recession: A Smart Move for Commercial Entities in Southern Ontario

Some experts are predicting an upcoming economic downturn in Canada – but you still want to grow your business. Should you renovate during a recession?

Commercial Building Permits in Southern Ontario: A Primer for Business Stakeholders

When renovating commercial premises in Southern Ontario, acquiring the necessary building permits is a foundational step. Here’s a quick overview of the process.

Navigating Commercial Renovation Inspections in Southern Ontario

Getting ready to renovate? Here’s an overview of commercial renovation inspections for Southern Ontario.

A Guide to Commercial Reno Costs in Southern Ontario

Getting ready to renovate your commercial space? Here’s an overview of commercial reno costs for southern Ontario.

Understanding the Role of Property Managers in Commercial Renovations

When commercial renovations are planned for a business, the role of property managers is integral to the overall...

Ideas for Hotel Renovation to Create New Revenue Opportunities

Hotel renovations enhance the guest experience and can also present exciting opportunities for creating new revenue...
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