Ideas for Designing and Renovating Your Office

renovating officeYour business is constantly growing and evolving, which means as time goes on, you’ll need more from your office space. Instead of dealing with the headache of moving to a new location, renovating your current office space to meet the unique needs of your business and staff is always an excellent option.

Hybrid Office Designs
There has been a dramatic shift in the workplace culture, so when you renovate your office, consider designing to suit the office needs of your business and the lifestyle needs of your staff. Renovating your office into a hybrid space will help you attract the top talent because quality employees are looking for companies that offer a modern office space with amenities and perks. Here are a few of the lifestyle perks you may want to incorporate in your design:

  • Relaxation space
  • Coffee bar
  • Full kitchen
  • Gym
  • Games room

Eco-Friendly Office Designs
People want to feel good about where they work, and it’s important to consider that when you are renovating your office space. Although being environmentally conscious is more about lifestyle than design, you can create a space that allows people to live responsibly. Designing an eco-friendly office starts with using responsibly sourced materials and energy-efficient appliances and fixtures. Consider maximizing the natural light in your office space as well by using light colours, large windows, and mirrors so that you won’t need to use as much artificial light. You can also get creative and add features like water bottle refill stations.

Dedicated Spaces
Open concept offices are becoming more and more popular, and they have proven collaborative benefits, but sometimes you need a quiet space to focus. When you’re planning the renovations for your open-concept office, think about creating dedicated quiet rooms so your staff can work independently. You can also include dedicated quiet spaces for collaboration. Dedicated spaces help create a balance of collaboration and productivity within your office.

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