Office Renovation Commercial Contractors

As one of the Greater Toronto Area’s most trusted full service commercial contracting providers, we have numerous examples of office renovation and remodelling projects we’ve completed to the full satisfaction of our clients.

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If you’re looking to grow your business, to have your commercial or industrial space better represent your brand, or to make your base of operations a more comfortable and inviting place for both associates and customers, it may be time to consider hiring an experienced office renovation contractor. 

At HI-Performance Construction, our full-service team of experts will work with you to renovate your office space so it reflects your brand and its values, while also giving customers and employees a space to feel comfortable and productive.

Office Renovation Commercial Contractors
Office Renovation Commercial Contractors

Working with a Trusted Office Renovations Contractor

At HI-Performance Construction, we look at the need for office renovation as a milestone worth celebrating. Every renovation signifies that your company has made enough progress to make the old layout obsolete, and with the new layout comes the next era of business for your company. With years of experience and expertise in designing and remodelling office spaces, we look forward to helping you enter this new era.

Why Renovate Your Office?

It has been proven that businesses thrive when their spaces are kept updated, contemporary, and comfortable to both employee and customer needs. By renovating your office space you’re effectively improving your brand aesthetically as well as professionally, improving your team’s efficiency with modern equipment and building layouts. This also improves safety and health standards with new, safe, and reliable flooring and decor, and saving yourself future maintenance and repair costs from older equipment. When you choose to invest in an office renovation, you’re investing in your customers, your efficiency, and the safety and well-being of your employees.

HI-Performance Construction’s Office Renovation Process

Firstly, when starting the renovation process, we meet with you for a free consultation. During the consultation we make sure to touch base with you regarding all of the most important and necessary beginning steps; we will discuss the specific needs and functions of your office, your vision, and your budget. By having a thorough conversation, we will know how to best provide for you as your hired office renovation contractor. 

After our consultation, we’ll be able to establish and outline the project as well as our expected budget. We’ll develop a proposal and a schedule for your approval. Upon your approval, our expert team can get to work. We know how important it is to keep your office productive and comfortable even during times of renovation, so we coordinate schedules and logistics in order to ensure that your employees can still work during office renovations and minimize any disruption to your regular business. In larger renovation projects, it may be necessary to temporarily relocate your employees, however, we pride ourselves on ensuring that the renovation comes with the least amount of disruption possible to you, your employees, and your clients.

Why HI-Performance Construction Is the Best Commercial Contractor for Your Office Renovation

Regardless of what kind of business you own and operate, we know that your company, its property, and its people are of the utmost importance, and we understand that keeping your office up to date and looking good is an investment that needs to be used wisely. Our experienced team will complete your project in line with your budget and your vision. That’s why you can be assured that when you work with HI-Performance Construction as your office renovation contractor, you’re getting the best construction service in Toronto.

Why We Are a Trusted Full-Service Contractor

1) We do projects for clients from start to finish! Our team handles everything from the initial drawings and permits, to the design and construction of your build, making the process straightforward and manageable!

2) We have completed custom residential, commercial, and industrial projects all across Canada. 

3) We are proud to offer a 100% guarantee on all of our work. We always work hand in hand with our clients to ensure they get exactly what they want out of their project.

4) We strive to always be on budget and on time! We believe in full transparency with our clients through careful scheduling, planning, and communicating about the process and their needs!

5) We take control of project management from the start! If you have a complex job, but are without drawings and need a quote, we have you covered! 

We are experts in all areas of industrial and commercial building throughout the Greater Toronto Area, and pride ourselves on our versatility.

Give us a call today (905) 338-0086 to discuss your specific needs,
or visit our Facebook, LinkedIn or Instagram to see examples of our projects.

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With over two decades of experience in commercial contracting, we have evolved to be a full service architectural design and construction provider throughout the GTA!

Retail Space

Creating an environment that represents your brand and caters to your customers’ every need is important for large franchises and small specialty shops alike. Consumers will associate the design of your brick and mortar store with your brand’s values, so make sure you leave a good impression.

Office Space

Design a modern office space that meets the current needs of your staff and accounts for future growth. Incorporating the core values of your brand into the layout and design of your workspace lets clients know you mean business the second they walk through the door. 

Medical Offices & Centres

Today’s medical and dental offices are all about balancing functionality with patient comfort. Construct an office or center that provides your staff with all the tools they need to perform at their best but still offers patients the amenities they need to feel at ease. 


A large part of any dining experience is the establishment itself. The food shouldn’t be the only thing with excellent taste, so ensure every aspect of your restaurant’s dining experience leaves your customers satisfied.

Hotel Renovations

Build or remodel accommodations that will be sought after by travellers around the world by perfectly pairing luxury and comfort. The only thing your guests will long for is a shorter waiting list.

Recreation Facilities

Elevate your gym or fitness center beyond the drab and sweaty standards set by your competition. Engineer every detail of your facility, from the layout to the aesthetics, to keep your members motivated and content.

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