What’s Happening In-Store? Changing Retail Design Trends to Watch

What’s Happening In-Store? 6 Changing Retail Design Trends to Watch

Increase retail sales through store design. Check out these easy-to-implement strategies to keep shoppers in your store longer.

The layout of your store may be hindering sales but the right floor plan can be a game-changer. There are several strategies you can use to entice people to come into your store and make them want to stay longer. Here’s your guide on how to increase retail sales through store design!

Choose the right store layout

Are you using the right layout for your store? The retail store size and type will determine which of these three most common layouts is best.

Free flow floor plan – This is a great option for those who have small, upscale stores because they allow shoppers to move easily between different areas (e.g., accessories and shoes).

Grid floor plan – Aisles and products are arranged in such a way that shoppers can methodically move from one end of the store to the other while visiting every aisle. This type of layout is most commonly used in grocery stores.

Loop floor plan – This design has a main aisle that loops the store. This makes it easy for shoppers to visit areas of the store multiple times, leading to more purchases.

Clear your entryway

Your entryway is your decompression zone and should be utilized correctly. When shoppers enter your store, they need a moment to transition from their previous activity to this one. This means they won’t even notice items right at the entryway. Instead, clear the area, so shoppers are not immediately overwhelmed when they walk in the door.

Plan a first impression

First impressions are everything! Get into the mindset of your shopper. What do you want to see if you were coming into the store? For example, if you own an upscale boutique, then shoppers will want to see a tidy, decluttered store with elegant displays. Your first impression should entice shoppers to want to step past the entryway and explore the rest of the store.

Create speed bumps

You want shoppers to stop and look at different items in your store. The best way to ensure this happens is to create speed bumps along the way. This may include signage for a particular product or a table in the middle of the aisle filled with various fun and popular items. The possibilities are endless and will be unique to your type of store. The idea is that the longer shoppers stay, the more likely they are to purchase something.

Use colour to persuade shoppers

Colour is powerful and can be very persuasive. Different colours evoke different emotions in people. For example, red evokes passion, while blue is a calming color. Use colours that evoke the emotions you want your shoppers to feel when in your store.

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