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As one of the Greater Toronto Area’s most trusted full service industrial contracting and construction providers, we have numerous examples of projects we’ve completed to the full satisfaction of our clients.

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HI-Performance Construction provides remodelling and renovations services for industrial buildings, factories, warehouses, distribution centres, storage facilities and more. Our highly experienced and expert team is familiar with every step in the process of industrial renovations from considerations and permits to compliance standards for both small and large-scale industrial projects. We are happy to guide our customers through every step of the process of their industrial renovation.

Toronto General Contracting
Toronto General Contracting

How To Choose The Right Industrial Renovations Contractor

When deciding on a contractor to complete your industrial renovations, experience and expertise should be widely considered as the key elements of a contracting team that you can rely on. Don’t settle for the first general contractor you find to complete your industrial renovation or remodelling project, look for a company that has a proven track record of quality results. 

At HI-Performance Construction, we strive for 100% customer satisfaction with each project we undertake, and during our over 20 years of working as a full-service team on over 200 projects, there’s never been a job we couldn’t complete. We pride ourselves in our knowledge, experience, and expertise regarding the large-scale requirements and logistical nuances that are necessary for completing a quality industrial renovation job. Our team of experts have a heightened understanding of the acquisition and management of government regulations, permits, and measures, as well as the necessary understanding of everything required for a successful industrial renovation from the design process through to the final cosmetic details.

By choosing HI-Performance Construction for your industrial renovations, you’re choosing an expert team that can easily walk you through every step of the building process with complete trust, confidence, and satisfaction.

Factory Break Rooms And Restrooms  

Every workplace has them, but they aren’t necessarily the first space you think of when contemplating a renovation for your factory or warehouse.

At HI-Performance Construction, we never neglect the smaller spaces that can contribute to a comfortable and productive work environment. When every space in your facility is functional and custom designed to meet the needs of your company, your employees will enjoy their time at work. While completing industrial renovations, we can also transform your industrial building by constructing build-outs to create additional office, breakroom, or bathroom space.

Our Industrial Renovations Services

While constructing warehouses is our area of expertise, our multifaceted team has the ability to complete every step of the process, from the initial architectural drawings to the final cosmetic touches! Our industrial renovation contractors in Toronto and the GTA have experience in:

    • Industrial Remodelling & Renovations
    • Interior & Exterior Build-Outs
    • Warehouse Remodelling & Renovations
    • Distribution Center Remodelling & Renovations
    • Storage Facility Remodelling & Renovations
    • Data Housing Centres Remodelling & Renovations
    • Office Building Remodelling & Renovations
    • Medical & Dental Office Remodelling & Renovations
    • Restaurant Remodelling & Renovations
    • Retail Spaces Remodelling & Renovations
    • Condominium Remodelling & Renovations

Why We Are a Trusted Full-Service Contractor

1) We do projects for clients from start to finish! Our team handles everything from the initial drawings and permits, to the design and construction of your build, making the process straightforward and manageable!

2) We have completed custom residential, commercial, and industrial projects all across Canada. 

3) We are proud to offer a 100% guarantee on all of our work. We always work hand in hand with our clients to ensure they get exactly what they want out of their project.

4) We strive to always be on budget and on time! We believe in full transparency with our clients through careful scheduling, planning, and communicating about the process and their needs!

5) We take control of project management from the start! If you have a complex job, but are without drawings and need a quote, we have you covered! 

We are experts in all areas of industrial and commercial building throughout the Greater Toronto Area, and pride ourselves on our versatility.

Give us a call today (905) 338-0086 to discuss your specific needs,
or visit our Facebook, LinkedIn or Instagram to see examples of our projects.

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